Life in your 20's is shit –– is choice an illusion?

I have another Life-as-an-MMORPG analogy. Except I will conclude with an exploration on how life both IS and IS NOT like an MMORPG.

Yes, life seems to give young people shit options during the transitional period from school to adult life.

Yes, we start the enculturation process from a young age. We are fed through the educational system like boxes to be shipped on a conveyor belt. There is only 1 destination to go to as an option post-school for most of us.

But there is hope. Take the analogy that life is like an MMORPG. Just like how life just sort of "happens" to us pre-adult years –– in a RPG game, we do not get to choose which job or class we want to be. In many RPGs (the good ones at least), there is a default class. Call it Novice (Ragnarok anyone?). We can't even choose our job amongst options like 'shitty' and 'shittier'. But the silver lining comes with realizing once you gain 20-30 levels of EXP –– congrats~~~ you've evolved to the next job/class!! One where you actually get to choose between being an archer, soldier, rogue, cleric, or mage. In real life, this is shedding your identity such as a career transition or major life choice. Any real transformative moment will happen only after you go through the trials and tribulations, the lows and highs. Real life is also a journey of gaining experience, but through multiple variables –– physical, finance, spiritual, etc.

The real world is so much more complex than an MMO. Think the difference between multi-variable math VS single-variable math. The difference between one-dimension vs 4+ dimensions.

MMOs nicely pack the entire journey of life into an oversimplified single variable, known as EXP, that aligns with our built-in propensity to feel momentum when able to focus on a singular focus. Life is a bit more funny. No matter how good you get at a real, money paying skill like programming or sales –– you won't be able to level up past a point if you don't experience love and friendship. And vice versa. Love, skills, money, health, emotions, soul –– these are all variables in real life that a MMO would aggregate into a single value –- EXP points.

Concluding on a message of hope –– yes older people share with you the wisdom that life is shit in your 20s and gets exponentially better as you get older. But is that really true?

Yes, I think so. As long as you can persevere with your EXP points and level up to reach an evolution. Is that easy? Fuck no. I'd argue that there are more than 5 absolutely CRITICAL variables in real life (love, mental health, financial stability etc.) –– and than 100 more sub-variables of importance. And then after leveling up in these areas, that is the first real chance anyone has at being able to choose the class/job that they want, and not have the class/job choose them.